Thursday, February 16, 2012

Clutter, Clutter Everywhere...

I made it a point this year to start to declutter my house.  Toys, clothes, shoes, things I haven't used in over a year is getting the boot.  Those of you who have been to our house know that we have WAY too many toys.  Trust me - this definitely applies to other areas of our house as well. 

It seemed unrealistic to get every thing extra out of our house, but I am trying!  :)  The problem now is that I have more visible clutter than when I started.  I have organized myself into piles on our dining room table...YIKES!  My list of things to do tomorrow (on my day off) includes putting the "decluttered" mess into bins for storage, donation or JBF (Just Between Friends).  Never hurts to make a little money while decluttering.  :) 

I highly recommend finding a JBF sale in your area for kids clothes and toys!  I have found a lot of clothes for the boys there and they have a 1/2 price sale day.  I bought a Janie and Jack top last year for Brynne for $1.75!!  Seriously, you cannot beat that deal.  One thing I have learned with JBF is to label the bins by season.  That way, I only have to get into those bins for each sale.  This Spring sale will be pretty small for me.  I have sold a bunch of the clothes Cy and Nolan have outgrown already!  Yay for me.  I am putting most of the money into our stash drawer so we can go to Sea World without having to pay anything out of the bank account.

I am definitely looking into organization tips and will share those as I find them helpful. 

Happy Thursday morning!! 

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