Monday, April 9, 2012


So we took the boys to see "The Lorax" - a well acclaimed film based on Dr.Seuss's same titled book. The boys absolutely loved it (Cy was a little scared in some parts) and I for the most part enjoyed it as well. I think the main message of "unless" was a great take away for the kids, if they even understood it at this age. If you see something in this world that needs change, nothing will happen "unless" you do something to change it. Have a will to make the world a better place. I am in total agreement with this message of the movie.

However, I feel as though they took their stance on anti-capitalism a little too far. From the mayor to the songs to a large part of the story - all with very harsh anti-capitalistic views. I am not one to get very political in everyday discussions, but in my opinion, this definitely is going over the top. This is not a film aimed at political views - it is an animated film aimed at young children. Are we telling young children that it isn't ok to have a dream to become successful? The two people in this movie who were "successful" were "bad". I agree that we should always be respectful of our surroundings, but aren't we exaggerating the topic a little?

Once again, just my opinion. We will be purchasing "The Lorax" on blu-ray when it is released and as my kids watch it growing up, we will have the discussion that capitalism is not all bad as this movie makes it seem.

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  1. I hate when they take kids movies a little to far with the politics. Good to know ahead of time what to expect :)